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Logo Design Ideas

In today life marketing is equally important as your products. Your company logo represents your image to your customers.That is why the companies spend so much time and money to make their logo unique and appealing. It is not an easy job to do company logo design. Many companies opt for multicolored logos and some other companies opt for simple logos. It is advisable to go for the simple logos. Company logo designing is tough because one needs to understand what type of products and image the company wants to project. Some recent surveys show us that the companies who have logos do appeal more to the customers than the companies without symbols. With that note in your mind you should start working on your company logo designing.

When you are into company logo designing then you must take care of a few things. The symbol must have some words and graphics both. You must not just make it too big or too small. It should look clutter free and sleek. Your potential customers must understand your company symbol and even if they do not understand they must get attracted towards your company. It is a part of your marketing strategy and it needs to be perfect. If you cannot spend thousands of dollars for your logo you can still hire some affordable designing companies and ask them to design your company symbol. There are many companies who opt for cheap designing firms and then end up having something cluttered and not classy as it.

Remember one thing that simplicity rules in logo industry.When a simple logo can create wonders then why should you go for some complex graphics and symbol? When your symbol becomes your representative and can bring a lot of customers and respect to your company then you must take special care about your company logo designing. If you have any idea in your mind then you can say that to your designing firm. There are plenty of interesting logo designing ideas you can find on internet and you can even have invent one. If your idea is unique then it will reflect itself. Make sure that the company charges nothing to edit or reedit the logo. There are many companies who charge extra for editing and reediting. You must not get trapped into that.

Company Logos Design

Logo is a small graphical phenomenon which can do wonders for a business, a logo is a medium through which a company conveys its message to the world. Creating a logo can either be a long row to hoe or in less than an hour depending on a logo designing expert's talent and experience level. When you will underestimate the importance of a logo, you will surely end up with small artistic drawing useless for creating an identity for a business so it is crucial that one should take it seriously and get it done by a professional.

Company logo designer should be experienced enough to understand the intricacies of logo creation process, the more time he has spent in the field the, more he will be able to handle the logo creation. He must also be acquainted with the latest design trends in the market so as to keep up the logo with it. The most preferable designs are Psychedelic Pop Backgrounds, Origami and Tactile Logos. You should also check what will the logo making process an online logo designer would be using to make your logo.

You should also make sure that the reputation of the company logo making professional or the agency is good in the market, this can be done by contacting their old clients and getting their views on the quality of work they got from them. You can also ask your friends and colleagues, whether you should go for an online logo creation professional or not. The more popular the company is, the more it will be easier to get their reputation report.

Another aspect that you should consider is to get their portfolio which will determine the level of their expertise, it is recommended that you don't go for the quantity instead sees the quality of work they have done. Hence, if you will keep these crucial aspects in mind while hiring a logo making expert then you will get the best company logo designer or agency in no time.

Custom Logo

Therefore, it is very important for you to get a very well designed logo so that it can attract customers or to leave an impact on them while being amongst other logos.

A customized logo is essential for one's company. It portrays the company's message and if it is a well made one having a proper strategy behind it then for sure it portrays the company's message effectively. A custom logo must bear the company's name.

Certain important features of a custom logo are given below:


Generally, it is suggested that you incorporate your company's selected colors in your custom logo. A customized logo must not have more than 3 to 4 colors. The reason behind this notion is that a custom logo should be recognizable at an instant. This stage can only be achieved if there is less and specific colors used for your custom logos.

The design

The overall design of your customized logo designs is the main thing. The design should be cost effective and compact. It should also be less complicated so that just one look of a person recognizes your company's product or service.

The over all look and impression

The main thing is that whatever your logo looks like it should just be the perfect one for your business. It should have all the components necessary for making the perfect impression on your consumers.

Winning Logo Designs

A logo represents a company's ideas, nature, values and its vision for the future. The purpose of a logo is to create an ever-lasting impression in people's mind about a company and its values. People should be able to relate a company's quality and values through its logo. A unique and timeless logo design plays a pivotal role in building a company's brand image.

Contrary to the usual perspective of most designers, a logo need not be a masterpiece in the world of design. A logo need not be a proof of a designer's designing prowess and need not flaunt the latest trends in the world of logo design. People judge a company by its logo and the logo is judged based on the elements that form its design. Here are a few tips on designing a logo which can be useful in creating a unique and memorable design:

Unique Design

A logo should always stand out among competition. It must be unique in such a way that people relate the logo only to a single company and are not confused as to which company the logo belongs to.

According to the latest logo design news, experts suggest not to follow logo fads and trends. A well designed logo is timeless and holds value even after several years since its inception.

It is important to note how a simple three-pointed star has been the sole logo of Mercedes-Benz even after around 80 years since the company came out with the logo. The logo has seen many a wars and economic downturns, yet surviving in people's minds and is one of the most recognized logo worldwide.

Experts also warn against copying or getting inspired by another company's logo design. Such an approach not only results in being sued over trademark violations, but also gives a message to the world that your company doesn't have its own identity.

Adaptable Design

In a world where publicity materials can vary from being as small as a brochure to largely circulated magazines to business cards to websites, a logo should be designed in such a way that it looks equally good and equally compact on all these forms of display items. The logo should consist of readable text, not too small, not too big.

One can see how the logos of companies like AT&T, HP, IBM etc have logos that are not only compact but are adaptable across all kinds of media.

Keep your Logo Simple

Simplicity always goes hand in hand with beauty. Simple fonts like Times New Romans, Helvetica and Arial make the logo easily readable. Also, most of the companies listed on Fortune 500, use less than three colors and have minimal variations in the fonts used. It is widely accepted by experts in logo design that too many colors and fonts can spoil an image and make it less retainable.

One good example of a simple logo design is that of Apple Inc. The logo, which is nothing but an apple with a bite taken off on one side, is again one of the most recognized logos in the world today. Also, the colorful apple logo design was dropped by the company as it entered the modern era of technology and kept itself in sync with the world while keeping its fundamental concept of an apple intact.

Golf Ball Logos

Logo golf balls are considered the true ambassador to the game of golf. They occupy approximately twenty percent of the golf ball business today and are mainly used for corporate branding. It is through logo golf balls that you build and maintain successful business relationships with your customers, employees, suppliers, and the millions of people who enjoy the game of golf.

The printing of the logo on the golf ball is done by the respective golf ball companies using state-of-the-art equipment. If one needs a logo to be imprinted on the golf ball, all that one has to do is to get a cameral ready logo to give to the printers of the golf ball. There are different forms of printing for the logo on the golf ball. The single logo imprinting used the finest colors and details of the logo to be printed on a golf ball that is within a 7/8" circle. Double imprinting involves printing of the logo on two sides of the golf ball. One can either imprint two of the same logo or two separate logos on the golf ball, at an increased price. A minimum of eight to ten dozen golf balls are accepted as an order for logo printing. If you plan to send the logo design to the printer through email, it is better to use Adobe Illustrator or .eps formats in vector graphics, as these graphics do not incur additional charges. Sending the logo by fax is another option, but the logo turns out to be black and white after being faxed. So to facilitate the coloring of the logo design on the faxed paper, a clean-up charge will be assessed by the printers.

If one plans to use logos on the golf balls for a tournament, it is important to first confirm that the tournament sponsors approve of the logos before actually printing the logos. This is because most of the companies are specific about their logos and expect everyone to follow their guidelines. As there are hundreds of golf balls with different logos, some golf enthusiasts have started collecting logo golf balls as a hobby.

World Logos

Before you head off to start working with a logo design firm, you should come up with a few ideas of your own. You can do this by engaging in a little bit of research on the competition and by thinking about how and where you would like your logo displayed. There are plenty of ways that you can get creative with your logo design and, quite often, a good website design firm can help you take it to the next level.

Go ahead and take a look at other websites that you like. You'll want to take a look at websites within your own industry to get an idea of how other businesses are displaying their logos. While you will want to differentiate yourself from these businesses, you will also want to take into account what works about their logos and those elements of those logos that you would like to imitate. For example, if you are in the banking industry, you will probably want something very conservative with dark colours and reserved fonts. You can still adhere to these conventions while exercising enough creativity to make yourself stand out.

Take a look at where your competition advertises on other websites. One of the things you'll want to check for is to see whether or not they took into account the fact that they would need to display their logo in other formats than that in which it is displayed on their website. If they did not take this into account, you are already one step ahead of them. The most successful corporate logos in the world are instantly recognizable because they appear on all types of advertising for the firm that employs the logo. This is something that you will want to emulate with your logo.

When you're ready to talk to the logo design people, bring in your ideas and, if you want, take a few screenshots of logos that you like so you can explain to them what you do like about those logos. More often than not, they can help you to take your own unique ideas and to blend them with the ideas of logos that you like to create something that is truly different from the other corporate logos out there and that reflects your business in a way that makes it very attractive to your clients and that looks great on your website.