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Company Logos

It is crucial that a company's logo accurately reflects what the company is all about. Most logos consist of a symbol, along with the company name and sometimes a few other words. Think about what your company represents. If it is geared towards children or children's products, the logo should appeal to both children and parents. If your company is focused on high technology, perhaps internet-based technology, it makes no sense to have a logo that looks like it came from the Middle Ages. Remember also that your logo will be used on every piece of marketing your company does.

Types of Logos

There are three basic types of Company Logos: font-based logos, consisting basically of, well, fonts and other type-based treatment. Sony, for example, uses a font-based logo, using just their name with a slight twist on the lettering to make it distinctive. The second type is "illustrative logos", where a company will use an image to illustrate what it does. Think of a law office using a gavel, a painting company using a paintbrush, or a library using a book. The final type is the "abstract graphic symbol" logo. These are some of the most recognizable. Think of Apple, Nike, AT&T, Mercedes, or even something like Facebook. Consumers see the symbol and automatically know the company.